Discover the benefits of our electronic systems for water treatment!

Our extensive range of products is mainly based on systems which reduce maintenance and the need to add chemical products to water for pool water treatment achieving more healthy and ecological swimming pool water.
We offer the most advanced water treatment products at the most competitive prices available, a range of standard salt water chlorinators and products which aren’t limited to only electrolysis to really improve your pool water quality. What we offer is enhanced by our precise dosage systems and water parameter control systems such as pH, Ozone, peroxide and combined systems of Salt Electrolysis, Hydrolysis, Ionization and Ultraviolet. Our systems can be built in any existing installation.

EcologicalEcological Pool Water Treatment

Healthy, clean and germless pool water without chemical substances

EconomicEconomic Pool Water Treatment

Lower cost since you do not have to constantly buy and add chemicals to your pool

EfficientEfficient Pool Water Treatment

Fully automatic system, so less or no maintenance of the pool water and impeccable water quality even when you’re away

Discover pure, automatically balanced water!

Contact us today and discover how to achieve pure, ecological and automatically balanced water quality for your swimming pool or provide your clients with the most advanced and professional systems for automatic pool water treatment.

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