About SanaPool

SanaPool is a trademark of Europoolshop S.L., operating since beginning 2006.
SanaPool products are manufactured in Barcelona (Spain) by a company that has more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing electronic water treatment systems for pools and industry.

SanaPool.com - Automatic Water Treatment systems and Pool HeatingOur extensive range of products is based mainly on systems which maximum reduce the need to add chemical products to water treatments, achieving therefore a more healthy and ecological water. What we offer is enhanced by our precise dosage systems and water parameter control systems such as pH, Ozone, peroxide...

All the systems of our product catalogue are developed and manufactured in Barcelona (Spain). This characteristic allows us to offer to our Clients and Dealers a direct technical and commercial support with maximum quality and agility.

All our systems fulfill the EC normative of electrical and electromagnetic security and are designed for an exhaustive and trustworthy use during their all their useful life.

SanaPool - Europoolshop S.L.
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